We aim to boost the uptake of digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs

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The main aim of the TourINN-act project is to enhance and promote the uptake of digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and capacity building and through the provision of financial support to the tourism SMEs after the publication of an Open Call for Proposal.

TourINN-act consortium

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Funding tourism SMEs through a voucher system for the implementation of innovative, digital and sustainable practices, represents a small step in support of the recovery of the tourism industry but also a way to facilitate the development of intersectoral projects through the participation in workshops and activities of matchmaking among tourism entities, supply chain actors, ICT providers and public authorities.

Project Management and Ethics requirements

WP1 assumes coordination and management of project activities and sets up the ethical issues considered while implementing TourINN-act, assuring smooth and effective communication and collaboration.

TourINN-Roadmap on innovative and sustainable practices

WP2 analyse how innovative practices and digital solutions can support tourism SMEs’ activities in restart tourism after Covid-19 pandemic through select concrete practices to offer to companies that have access to the vouchers foundation scheme.


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WP3 help beneficiaries to learn about current challenges in tourism and to connect SMEs with interested private and public entities, in order to boost transnational and intersectoral cooperation and capacity building. It will host two different areas: E-learning area and The Virtual Storage area.


WP4 consists of virtual meetings using the TourINN-platform that enables the scheduling of bilateral meetings among different profiles of registered users for engaging in experimental projects that reinforce competitiveness within the tourism industry.

TourINN-Open Call & piloting

WP5 addresses the launch of the call for Innovative cross-sectorial actions in tourism SMEs, the proposal evaluation and voucher assignment, the pilot sessions, and further control of the implemented digital practices.

Dissemination, Exploitation AND Peer Learning Workshop

WP6 will ensure a proper communicational echo to the launch of the Open call and to the project’s results and the sustainability of the project after its conclusion with the organization of the workshop “Co-building Digital Tourism Ecosystem”.

Quality Assurance & Activity Reporting

WP7 will be a transversal work package, providing an overview concerning all the reporting activities related to the WPs development and overall project quality standards.

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