UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation) sets out 5 pillars that can help SMEs develop their strategy, and thus become priorities in the tourism sector. These are established in a post-pandemic framework and have as preference the anticipation, innovation and digitisation.

These pillars are:

● Socio-economic measures

● Competitiveness and resilience

● Innovation and digitalisation

● Sustainability and green growth

● Coordination and partnership

This sends a very clear message and is that digitalisation and sustainability are a priority in the current tourism sector, in addition to other needs. That is why the TourINN-Act project has within its objectives the development of the TourINN Platform in order to promote the adoption of these actions, favours transnational cooperation and the provision of financial support in the form of Váuchers. In addition, it offers training through webinars and peer learning networks.

For the implementation of these pillars, new needs have been discovered in the tourism sector that must be met, so the TourINN-act project launched a call for the identification and selection of providers of digital solutions and sustainable practices, as a way to contribute to closing the digital divide that SMEs have in the tourism sector.

Selected suppliers will have the opportunity to present their solutions to more than 150 companies in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Greece; the solutions will be framed in 10 macro-categories within the 5 pillars established by UNWTO. 

The 10 macro categories identified are as follows:

Digital infrastructure (Services and solutions to improve and connect operations along value chains and tourism ecosystems)

Information and Communication Technology (ICTs), E-Learning, E-Training

Digital Marketing and Sustainable Technology Solutions (to generate a positive environmental impact)

Technology for the prevention and mitigation of COVID 19

E-commerce services for both B2B and B2C

Technology for regional cooperation (Solutions for the exchange of knowledge and experience, cooperation with the travel and tourism ecosystem)

The call just ended last October 15th and the results have been published November 9 on the project website

The call has seen the participation of more than 50 providers; TourINN-Act Consortium selected 44 providers, for a total of 87 solutions in different categories. TourINN-Act Consortium selected those solutions which proved to be in line with the TouriNN-Act roadmap and with the best practices identified within it. 

Our selected providers offer VR, AR and AI solutions, interactive and integrated platforms, business solutions, digital marketing strategies, sustainability assessments, coaching and many other practical services.  The solutions are indeed many and will offer to tourism SMEs the opportunity to embark on or improve pathways of digitisation, innovation and sustainability in order to become more resilient and competitive. 

All the solutions will be presented in an online catalogue; the main objective of the catalogue is to select and categorise the best solutions defining the exploitation process by SMEs, the expected impact regarding visibility, profitability and sustainability. 

We will soon update you on the matchmaking process which will allow selected providers and tourism SME to meet virtually, to plan and discuss future collaborations in respect to the Open Call for Tourism SMEs. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo credit: Freepick 



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