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Please read the guide for providers carefully before applying  

You can download the editable application form here to use as a draft in preparation of your application.

Propose a digital and/or sustainable solution to be implemented in the tourism sector. We support at least 60 tourism SMEs with up to 10.000€ to boost digital uptake, from a catalogue of solutions. 


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tourinn-act open call for providers frequently asked questions

As a provider, you will have the opportunity to outreach your target, thanks to the matchmaking process in the TourINN Platform. Furthermore, your services will be included in the TourINN Catalogue that will give access to customers in 5 different countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania and Cyprus), gaining visibility and expanding your customer portfolio.

Other additional benefits are: participating in TourInn-act activities, workshops, webinars and the rest of the activities planned.

No. All providers, depending on their business structure, can offer their services to beneficiaries SMEs located in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Romania and Greece. Cross-border collaborations will be on top priority in the selection of the provider.


Your company can provide as many services as possible as long as they are eligible for the TourINN-act voucher.
Your company should submit one application but should describe each service that is able to offer to tourism SMEs.  Please, see annexe 1- table I of the Open Call for Providers to check the details and criteria. 


For any further information please contact TourINN-Act consortium at


You will offer your services to tourism SMEs located in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Romania and Greece from the subsectors of accommodations (hotels, motels, B&Bs, camping, guest houses, hostels,…) and intermediary of travel (travel agents, tour operators, travel reservation services, …)



Yes. You can promote the Open Call among your contacts. 

The open call for providers will close on September 10th. Our internal evaluating team will complete the evaluation and scoring for all candidates (passing score will be a minimum total of 18 points). You will then receive an automated response that you have or have not passed into the next level. Once approved and passed, you will then receive detailed instructions on the items that need to be filled out in case needed in order for your profile to be complete prior to the matchmaking event.



All costs to be reimbursed must not be covered by another EU grant.


The Consortium does not take responsibility for the agreement between the provider and the SME. The amount of the voucher will be agreed upon with the awarded SME and the Consortium in the Agreement. Exceeding costs from what is agreed will be the sole responsibility of the SME.




A Customer after-sales support service is preferred. 



The SME in order to get the voucher must justify the expenses and needs to provide the Consortium with proof of expenditure so it needs to fully anticipate the payment of the service to the provider.  The Consortium does not take responsibility for the agreement between the provider and the SME. 




No, travel and accommodation costs are not included. The expenses included are the ones relative to the purchase and implementation of the solution (services: contract/order, invoices/receipts; proof of payments working hours spent for the development of the solution). 




The Guidance Notice of the European Commission on the notion of “State aid” clarifies that direct funding from the European Union, including from an Executive Agency, is not considered a State Aid. As a consequence is not to be taken into account for the calculation of the “de minimis” rule.





Solutions proposed that are not among the ones listed under the macro category in annexe 1- table I will be evaluated by Consortium case by case to establish the effective coherence and pertinence with the purpose of the Call.

If you don’t receive an answer from the Consortium within 5 working days after the open call ends, you can contact email the team at

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